Fritz Klier lives and works in an ancient court-house in Vornbach am Inn (county of Passau). In the main, Klier dedicates himself to drawing. His spontaneous, aggressive but firm stroke of the pencil makes his works unmistakable.

» brief CV
1945 birth in Ebersbach
1967 art school in Munich
1991 co-founder of "Gruppe 91"
1997 cultural award of the county of Passau
2000 relocation to own studio "Maria am Sand"
» about the artist


Generally, a prejudice is nothing but the expression of an inflexible mind unable to judge new aspects in an appropriate way. Such a mind does not have the power to realize its own loadedness with prejudices.

“I have prejudices” is the title of one of Fritz Klier’s statements. This elaborate paradox, at first sight appearing as a provoking thesis, is just the verbal expression of a drawn statement of the brilliant drawer Fritz Klier.

Many of his works are ostensibly smug or ironic, playing with the disclosure of the Low in the pretended High, with the pathetic in stately gestures or with the Concrete in Ethos. By these oppositions Klier doesn’t want to arrange criteria for the Good and the Evil, no, the oppositions are “thought as one” so that the paradox becomes a remedy for cognition.

Thereby, Klier is breaking up prejudices, mainly those that the “powerful and rich” or the “good and the beautiful” use for their purpose, and therefore he uses - in full consciousness – elements in his pictures that are loaded with prejudice. So suppressed truths and contexts, that many people would prefer not to see, come to the surface.

This may provoke but simple provocation is not the major aim of the matured artist Fritz Klier. In spite of other artists that produce offensive pieces to appear – attractive for the audience – as “enfant terrible”, Klier is considered as “Dirty Old Man” in the sense of Bokowski, as someone who has seen and experienced the Evil and who can therefore look behind the scenes – in a technically perfect way with regard to the context.

By Georg A. Thuringer (translated by M. Klein)